Friday, July 1, 2011

poor birdy!

i don't know if you can see the fuzzy lump in the background of this photo but its what i'm going to call the 'neighborhood cat'.  it's been hanging out on what i call our 'roof/deck' for a couple weeks now.
(i.e. our windows are in level with a roof, which kinda turns it into a deck...)

one afternoon this bird came flying right to my window and perched itself on the little balcony.  i was a bit surprised and was happy that the window wasn't open (as it mostly is during this time of year) because i was sure this bird would have came on in as it was tapping on the window.

i stupidly just thought 'oh a cute birdy' and went on my business for the rest of the day not even thinking about it.
later in the evening my while my husband and i were watching some movie we heard a pretty hard hit on  the window... and to our surprise it was 'neighborhood cat' hunting the bird.

i couldn't just let the cat kill the bird. (i know this is nature, but i couldn't handle hearing it happen outside my bedroom window).  i knew the bird was going to die (as you might see the brain is exposed in the photo).  so i thought i would let it die on it's own; put it in a shoe box and took it outside on the other side of the building where the cat most likely wouldn't find it.

what would you have done?


  1. oh my goodness! This is sooo sad Jaq! I do not know what I would have done. That is a tough call.


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