Friday, July 1, 2011

weekend plans?

i would say at least a month ago, i walked right around the corner of my apartment and finally took the time to see the wonderful madame grès exhibit at the mussée bourdelle.

to my surprise, it was a very moving exhibit.  the placement of the dresses among the sculptor artist bourdelle's own atelier, living area, and work was exceptional!

as i want everyone to go who can, i don't want to post too many photos because i don't want to spoil it!
below are some of my favorite moments.

i am in love with that bow over the shoulder...

one of my friends that went with me fell in love with the exhibit too and for a going away gift, i bought her the book... who wouldn't want that package?!

only a couple weeks left as it ends july 24!
here is the {nytime article} and {more information}


  1. Amazing photos, I wish I could go! That package looks so lovely and inviting :) Miss you Jacquie


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