Monday, June 27, 2011

paris pride 2011

i am so lucky that where i live in paris, many parades (and protests) start right down the block from me.  husband and i got up a bit early to head to a {vide grenier} and that is when i noticed the beginning of the parade lining up.  of course right after lunch, i ran out the street to take pictures and join in on the fun!

when i saw the super heros, i got excited and asked to take their picture... just as they started posing, the guy in the white pushed them out and told them they had to get somewhere.  'batman' surprised, laughed and gave me this sweet 'sorry but can't help it' smile.  

different ways to wear the flag.

throughout the whole parade, everyone just joined in on floats they liked.  after it was over, the crowd just disappeared down the street.  so this was left.  so much colorful trash.  the paris street cleaners followed close behind and it was clean within a half hour.  almost like the parade was never there. wow.

please check out more photos {here}


  1. Great pix! I think my favorite is the guy covered in glitter, that had to be a pain to wash off :)

  2. Wows! It looked amazing. And you did a pretty good coverage with those incredible photo. I love the batboy guy! :)


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