Monday, May 30, 2011

paris after midnight is magic.

my aunt took a over night layover in paris...  
we picked her up and drove here all around the city by night to see all the sights
don't worry though, i bought her some macarons that afternoon.
(can't come to paris without getting macarons!!)

i don't care what anyone says, {carette} is so much better than ladurée
{for some reason the website isn't working, but i'm sure it will be up and working soon}
 first stop was montmartre... 

too bad our trip wasn't as magical as gil's in the new 'midnight in paris' but it was definitely as beautiful!
{go see that movie, what i like to call a 'beautiful cliché', but completely worth your time...}

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  1. Oh my! what I would give for a REAL French macaroon! I got one today in fact! Love them!


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