Saturday, June 4, 2011


thursday and friday i passed some time with a friend in {fontainebleau}.

my friend offered so many times to take my photo.  it is nice to have photos of myself after returning from a little trip.  in this one, my hair happened to be down.  it's getting long, isn't it!
we went to the chateau, as this was my first time, i was really interested in everything!
my poor friend, her fourth.  she really sat through me taking way too many pictures and listening to everything on the audio guide... {cringe}
marie-antoinette's private quarter, one of my favorite rooms.  it's not represented here too well, but the whole room was painted with a background of silver.  lovely...
i really fell in love with this room too, but i think it was more because those gold 'spots' on the red velvet is actually bees!  
although this might be a foolish discovery, i'm happy to learn it... 
you can read more about this napoleon fact {here}&{here}
ahh, and the lake behind the chateau.   these swans came swimming right to me... i'm so sorry i didn't have any bread, which i'm sure they were expecting.
after, a home cooked authentic peruvian meal!  yum!

my little 'vacation' is over, but i hope all those living in france continue to enjoy the rest of their four day weekend!


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