Friday, May 4, 2012

home project

my husband's current obsession is the style art nouveau.  in february he bought chairs from germary for our kitchen.  the chairs are  in the style of jugendstil, the art nouveau from vienna. 
one of the chairs he bought had this ugly yellow paint on it, so we decided to take it off and give it a stain.

luckily, we have a 'roof deck', (because our apartment is on the roof level) and we use it for projects.  especially projects that include chemicals... 

the details.

we used a gel paint thinner, which was convenient for transporting on the metro (smaller container and lighter in weight)
(do you see the visiter?! he was curious as to what we were doing, but don't worry, i didn't let him get too close)

it started to rain, so we had to take our project inside. we had to do about 2 1/2 coats of the gel paint remover, but there were also about 3 coats of that ugly paint.
(ps this was on st patrick's day, so don't worry, i wore my green!)

after we took off all the paint, we had to sand the rest of the paint off.

AND that is where we stopped.  we haven't had anytime to stain it, so to be continued!

what d'ya think?!

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