Monday, April 30, 2012

the visiter

for the past couple months, we have had this visiter:

in the beginning, he would come up to our window, peak his head around and then run away if we got too close.

then one day this happened:
i was way too excited and let him come on in and walk around.  he would walk around and look around, but if we got too close, he'd run back out the window.

eventually, we've become friends with him.  he loves to be pet and purrs really loud... it's so sweet.
these days i think his curiosity has subsided but sometimes he comes on in to get some lovin'...

i've wanted a kitty for awhile now, so my husband thinks this is such a blessing.  we can play with the kitty and get some snuggles and then send him on his way.
we have no idea where he lives.  in the beginning he wore a collar, but these days he's not wearing it anymore.  my assumption is that he lives down the hall from us, but i can't be sure.  i do know he has a home somewhere in the neighborhood, but he is always venturing out all over the roof tops, so who knows how far or close his home might be.  the fun thing is, he is completely content and has the total attitude of the independent cat.  if we walk to the window and ask him to leave, he just leaves with no issue at all... so. cute. !!!

the question here is: am i a creep?
haha.  do any of you cat owners feel a little bit worried for your wondering cats now?
these are all the all the questions that run through my mind when i play string or get snuggles from 'kitty'...
also, do you think we're the only ones in the neighborhood who has had our hearts stolen?
what do you think?

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