Friday, February 4, 2011

when fashion meets cinema.

although i did go to school and studied fashion, i've never been that girl to know my designers or really know anything about the industry until after i started studying the world of fashion.
i never really understood why i was attracted to it either.  but i don't think people realize the world of fashion is more than just models, designers, and lust of material goods.
i started my studies because i had a love for sewing, but then another door opened up.
the influence and history of fashion.  it is a continued cycle and we are all apart of it.

a good example is below.

when i saw this:
i thought, hum, maybe this?

and then i saw this:
and knew it was true.

i'm so glad one of my favs, j.crew, has good taste in movies.

ps, the funny thing is, i thought of jcrew while watching the movie.  if you look back at the trailer at marker 1.15, you'll see cleo walking with a yellow backpack and a striped tee.  that backpack is sold via crewcuts with the 'in good company' line.

in many years to come, maybe we will look at this fashion spread and think nothing of it OR the movie will continue to have an impact on our design lives.  either way, i still get a little bit of a high when i spot the influences in real time.
{or maybe i should say reel time, hardy har har}

if you haven't seen somewhere, check it out.  i really loved it.

until then don't think i'm a nerd & enjoy the strokes song brought back into popularity because of the movie...


  1. that guy is so cute! I think I'm in 3rd grade.

  2. I want to see both of those movies! I haven't seen either one! :(

  3. j crew is just classic, timeless fashion. xo

  4. Hmm, have not seen the movies, but

    a) I LOVE movies.
    b) the strokes are just killer.
    c) This series of movies are just the kind of old school vintage charm that I live for.

    I'll have to check it out! Great blog. It sounds like you have a very interesting life :)


  5. Jacquie I got this J.Crew catalog in the mail the other day and wish I could buy everything in it! And to respond to your font question...Blogger has added new web fonts to their selection. If you go to the design page, then click template designer, then the advanced tab, you should see that there are more fonts to choose from when you scroll down :)


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