Friday, January 7, 2011

late gifts, new toy

since i live in europe and a long way from my family back in the states, my mother sends many packages for the holidays.

we have some stragglers that haven't made it yet, but one finally made it today and it was a wonderful surprise... attachment fisheye lens for my camera. yay!

{along with some other goodies that included homemade chocolate chip cookies from nanny}

the above photo was the first photo i took with the lovely gadget.

hubby opening his gift

thanks mom! we love you!

anyway, i'm thinking about maybe changing the size of the photos to the 'xlarge'.  
what do ya think?  should i stick to large?


  1. what a cool mum you have! Wow, a wonderful pressie!
    The size view ofn these photos are great - is it the extra large mode? I prefer it!

  2. yes, extra large. i think i keep it like this for awhile! thanks for your input!

  3. your mom sounds like a doll-- i think the photos look great. making them larger wouldn't hurt.


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