Friday, January 14, 2011

it's in the bag blog crawl

A Hasty Life
as i have mentioned before, i decided to participate in a blog crawl began by a friend's blog, 'a hasty life' to celebrate her 100 followers (and still growing)!
i'm continuing the crawl from 'chasing davies

the crawl centers around the purse, what is in it, and what it says about the owner. 

here is a picture of my current purse although, this basket is filled with many different styles to choose from.   however, once i started using my longchamp this summer, i haven't changed since.  i'm going to buy another in black soon.  its just the perfect size to fit everything and the nylon finish is easy to care for.

currently, this is everything in my purse.  sometimes i also carry an umbrella during the rainy looking days.
i try to only have things in my purse i feel are necessary.  i walk around the city a lot, so carrying around a heavy bag is not practical!  some of these things will change with the weather, for example, if it was summer, i wouldn't have those mittens or tissues.
i will always have with me, my wallet, a bottle of water, a snack, and aspirin.  it is my survival to have these things with me at all times.  i get sick very easily if i don't eat or drink enough water during the day.

other things i would be lost without is my paris map, my moleskine city, and my planner.  i do a lot of personal appointments throughout the city for alterations etc.  every time i make an appointment with a client, i jot down any names, phone numbers, addresses, and door codes i might need in my moleskine {i also jot down business and addresses i like so i can find them again}.  i have left my house without it once and was late for an appointment because i had to go all the way back home to pick it up for the door code and phone number.  not. fun.
because i'm a seamstress, i always seem to find sewing supplies in my purse without realizing it.  that little multi-colored bag is filled with straight pins, safety pins, and other supplies i need.  ah, and what do you know, a tape measurer.  i didn't even know that was in there.  they always seemed to be attached at my hip!

the things in my purse are very personal as well as very practical.  although, many of these things are things i will need with me always, there is an element to these items that is close to my heart.

lets take a closer look:
-that gold wallet was given to me a couple years ago when i worked at my college costume collection.  we were getting rid of it, so i was told i could have it.  working there was a huge part of my college career, now i have a piece of it with me.
-the yellow change purse is from a dear friend of mine i met here in paris.  she bought that for me after i turned down buying one i loved for myself even though i needed it {us women always do that, but luckily, we have friend to step up to the plate!}
-the silver pill box is an antique in style art nouveau.  it was a birthday gift from my husband.  we really love antiques and hope to work with them when we retire {haha, many, many years from now, of course}!

-my mother has a small, but successful wool business.  she owns sheep and sells their wool with homespun wool and products.  those mittens are from her business.
-that little multi-colored bag was actually made for me by my first college sewing teacher and her coworker.  i worked under both of these wonderful ladies for two summers.  it was a great time and i learned so much from them.  i'm lucky to carry my sewing supplies in something so personal such as this.
-that tape measurer was actually owned by my best friend.  some how i ended up with it and got to keep it.  it's a wonderful reminder of her when we are living in completely different counties.

... so with, i think, my longest post ever, you can see that if my purse was stolen, many of these things can be replaced, but the personal value is worth so much more.
even though i try to stay practical in my daily life, i keep things around me from people i love.  it gives me happiness even on the worse days.

i hope you enjoyed this post and be sure to check out the coming post january 17th at exPress-0, linked below.


  1. Thank you so much for participating in this blog crawl, Jacquie!! I loved getting to peek inside your bag!! Your mittens are the cutest!! I love love love them! Plus, your "borrowed" tape measure is my favorite color!! :)

    <3 Ashley

  2. love the mittens! i vote for mittens over gloves any day.

  3. Jacquie this is such a fun idea! If lauren did this we'd be reading for days haha! I love your mittens. Does your mom have a website or anything? I'd love to own one of her accessories made from her wooly friends :)

  4. Love this series! The mittens ARE very cute, and I love that you pack snacks!
    - Catherine at The Spring

  5. i love how international your bag is!

  6. Aren't moleskins just the best? They last forever!

  7. a blog crawl, what a great idea!! I loved taking a sneak peek inside your handbag!


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