Saturday, January 22, 2011

en français, s'il te plait.

i've been meaning to post both of these videos for a while.
they are in french, but with subtitles.  the french does give it a bit more of a cute factor.  i love listening to children speak french because then i feel i can actually understand them completely.  
{yes, haha, i guess i'm on their level, great.}

i saw the first video about 2 weeks ago and it made me feel old! 

this little girl is the cutest thing!  such an imagination!  when i showed my husband he was impressed with your use of french and the verbs at a such a young age.  yes, she is much better at french than me!  i'll be there soon.  i hope!


  1. This was great! I loved how they used a Bob Marley record on the record player!!
    Also, I have some 8-track tapes around here somewhere, I could really use that 8-track tape player!!

  2. Hilarious! "I thought it was a bomb!"

  3. that little girl is so cute. I love her story and I want her eyes.

  4. I KNOW! her eyes are gorgeous! i though the same thing! her papa is going to have to beat the boys off her her someday!

  5. ooh that little girl!! amazing eyes indeed, so cute:)


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