Saturday, October 16, 2010

hillary, this one is for you.

hillary, i know you're sick and wish i could come over and watch lifetime and give you kombucha with medicinal herbs while this soup is cooking on the stove.
{but sometimes wishes don't come true}

[sorry, picture above is a bit yellow. please don't let that sway your opinion]

instead, you should get another friend to cook this.  it is just perfect for the current fall weather (and i'm almost sure for walking pneumonia).

just a heads up though:  
i couldn't find kale here at my local grocery, so i didn't use any.
i used 2 cans of white beans because i was too lazy to soak anything.
also, i just added about a cup of veggie broth, as it didn't really seem to need much more after all those tomatoes (picture above is pre-broth)

get better...

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