Thursday, October 14, 2010

best 35€ i've ever spent.

after this week of travel (to greece, of all places) i am looking back.  i never thought in my life i would travel so many places.  to be honest, i'm not a traveler.  i'm always ready to go home after the first couple days.  but don't get me wrong.  the experience is more than i could ask for.  and the things i see and do are all apart of living.

my highlight of the week was finding this:

a 'cave' of sorts.  filled with leather goods.  it was messy, unorganized, and dusty.  i thought i was going where i wasn't supposed to go.  the workroom, maybe?  nope.

i couldn't resist buying this little leather purse...

...but mostly because this man was sitting in the corner.  in a pile of leather scraps and newspaper, working away.  he wasn't too talkative and in a sour mood, but i related to him.  sewing alone all day can get lonely.  (and i'm sure those annoying tourists coming in and out all day don't help! haha)
this purse will be close to my heart as i work away hunched over my own machine during the day, knowing i'm not the only one.

....the weekend brought the flea market.  of course i couldn't resist.  looking in a case i saw this little box.  thinking, it was surely too small to fit anything in it, i had to look and see if it really was a sewing kit. was.  it can't be too old considering the plastic baggy inside with buttons and safety pins, but it worth it to me.  such a great find!

if you would like to look at the more scenic side if athens and islands look here.

there were so many cute stray dogs and cats.  i couldn't not take pictures.  yes, i was THAT person.


  1. Greece?! Wow! I'm a home-body. I'm always longing for my own bed.

  2. This guy looks efficient. He finishes one project, throws it in a pile in front of his machine and starts the next!

    The best part of traveling is looking forward to the smell of home.

  3. Greece has been on my top countries to visit for about three years now and I still haven't been. I'm hoping it'll happen in 2011. I love the leather handbag you bought! Bet you ate tones of yummy food as well, eh? xx


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