Friday, June 18, 2010

le coupe du monde

i'm not a big sports fan, but with my luck i married a man who loves sports.  i even got really into watching tennis during the french open but for the world cup the one thing that will stick with me is the official song.  i'm not going to lie, i really like it.  it's such a catchy tune and and gives a great feeling.  i might be bias, but i think version francaise is better of the mix... (at least the french are good at something during the games.  okay i might get in trouble for that one).


  1. J'aime la version francaise beaucoup!

  2. This song is blasting everywhere here. Of course it's in Chinese here other than "So wave your flag", which is in English.

    I thought it was some terrible Chinese song with just a sentence of English. The version you have is so much better! Of course, as with all Chinese songs, this has been put into a dance remix so that's probably why I thought it was just some Chinese thing.

  3. yes, of all the videos i've watched, i think the chinese one looks more like a coca-cola commercial! also, the american version isn't so good either. i only like the french version, it seems to be the best in my opinion (and the one that isn't so cheesy!)

  4. ....okay, after more research, i've found that cola-cola did have a special sponsor edition.


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