Sunday, June 13, 2010

i'll be spending the day here:

 on friday evening i started feeling sick and it keeps getting worse and worse.  upon waking this morning i realized it will probably be a day in bed again.  so, i was inspired to post about a project i recently finished.

i finally finished these about a two weeks ago and although they didn't turn out too bad, it looks like i'm sleeping with alfred hitchcock and my husband and I don't get along.  (i completely met to make it face to face)

this picture also inspired me to rearrange the whole apartment again, which didn't make my husband too happy, but everything feels so much better now.  i will have to post pictures of the improved area when my body is back 'en pleine forme'


  1. i love these pillows! such a great idea :)

  2. I really like the pillows. It gives it such a clean, eclectic look. I would love to see a tour of your flat. Show me, show me, show me!

  3. before I leave for the summer, I will have to take some photos and put them up here for you!

  4. beautiful pillows! and what a pretty blog. best wishes, Ida in Norway

  5. oh my goodness you live in Paris! dreamlife. Thanks for the encouragement about the sewing! I am thrilled to be back! :)


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