Sunday, June 7, 2009

Until Next time?! Give me a break....

So So... everything was going well.  I posted so much (2 very long detailed posts).  But I found that it wasn't me.  I couldn't be my secret closed self.... I found a new way to track my time in the cities I live in and would live in.  Something I am more open to sharing with the world....  I started the idea months ago, but am now finally taking action.

The idea is, drumroll please; To begin taking pictures with my cell phone and sending them to my blog.  Things I see everyday, things I find interesting, things I want to remember.  This is more for me, but also for you to see what I see. (I'm not great at explaining the world, I feel it comes through best through the visual rather the written).

Starting now there will be several pictures posted (I have been taking many pictures for the past months.)  This will be better for all of us.  And I probably won't have so many long gaps.

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