Sunday, July 14, 2013

quick switz

last weekend i went to switzerland to visit cousins. 

palmer sandwich! 

these birds were so edger to eat so we decided to feed them the last of our crumbs.  it is slightly boring but it was a good memory....
 please ignore the orientation of this video as it wasn't me who recorded it 
(annndd we all know the stigma with that issue)

love the design of this

 #lol at the at the camera focus.

the 3 most important things to do in lausanne ;)

hi joey, apparently i stole this.  i can send it back to you!

and we saw the big red ball from the {red ball project}!! 
(i missed it in paris and was happily surprised to see it in lausanne)
personally every time i see the big red ball i think of {this song}...

we also ended up at the montreux jazz festival and didn't listen to but 5 mins of music....
enjoy more photos of the trip {here}.

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