Wednesday, May 23, 2012

real life travels with charley

last weekend i went to the dog park with some friends and i saw this beautiful grey poodle.  i really couldn't resist asking to take a photo.... more importantly i was so taken by this dog because my {favorite book} co-stars one. 

...speaking of my favorite book...

when i went home last time my mom gave me a vintage copy.  it's really beautiful and i've already started rereading it. 

who can't really can't resist books??  i love the illustrations, the evidence of former owners, and the uneven pages...

 since i've never been able to keep a copy (i've always given them away to people who needed to read it), this is definitely a winning gift! i'm sure i won't be loaning this copy out...

so put this book on your summer reading list if you haven't read it yet 

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