Wednesday, February 29, 2012

hottie of the week

as a youngster, i never really read 'tiger beat' or really paid attention to the latest heart throbs.  only when i got older did i realize that i can have a celebrity crush.  and i can tell people that i find that celebrity person attractive.

 i'm going to start with one of my favorites:

cameron frye from ferris bueller's day off.
now, yes, alan ruck is a hottie and has aged very well, but i have always loved him in the role of cameron.

please, do yourself a favor and set aside the next 20 mins for admiration. 

maybe this is the reason i love that painting so much?

i've always loved this outfit.  the suspenders are so cute!! and after this scene when he puts the hockey jersey over it.  what a nerd; gotta love it. 

and we can forget to end this post with this famous scene:

also, if you're interested, there a playlist featured on youtube with the commentary of this movie.  very good, worth the time {linked here}

1 comment:

  1. Love this!

    Cameron Frye has always been my fictional soulmate. He's just the right amount of neurotic for me :)


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