Tuesday, September 6, 2011

amsterdam weekend

i went to amsterdam the last weekend in august... 
and i'm so behind with my posting!
either way i had such a good time with my companion cruisin' the streets on our sexy red 'imma tourist' bikes.
(even in all that rain!)

i was THAT tourist.

....and my husband still claimed me...
NOW that is love!

also, all the above photos are from the ol' telephone. 
you can check out my real weekend trip photos {here}


  1. Did you go to the museum with all the van goghs?

  2. I also hope you went to the Van Gogh museum, it is one of my favorite memories from Amsterdam (you can probably guess what my other favorite memories are... ha ha ha) Love the photos on flickr and love YOU

  3. of course I went to the van gogh museum! haha.... would you imagine me not?! =)


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