Tuesday, August 16, 2011

always raining in normandy

for the 3 day weekend in france, my husband and i went to the country...
its become a joke with my friends because i'm always leaving anytime i can to normandy!
i'm always passing summers at the beach with my family in new york so this year i thought i would have sometime at the beach with my family here in normandy.  
although i was dead set on going to the beach, it didn't seem to stop raining.  so even though the beach was still in the plans it was just my husband and i under cloudy skies and raindrops.

don't let these beach umbrellas fool you.  i think these were the only ones i found open that day.

my husband says this is proof he loves me.  i said it was proof he needed his own rain boots.

living in france?  how did you spend your 3 day weekend?
my jewish MIL asked why i wasn't going to church. haha.
(for those of you not living in france, the public holiday is assumption)
i have so many more photos to share.  more to come soon.

1 comment:

  1. hee hee! i love these photos because it is sooooo Normandy! That rainy beach brings back teenage memories! Seems like you guys had fun despite the rain! xx
    ps: where abouts were you? I was in deauville-trouville.


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