Tuesday, May 10, 2011

italian cream twist

contrary to america, in france we drink a lot of 'fuzzy waters'. 
{definitely what i call it, but the true name would be: l'eau gazeuse}

while my mom was here, she mentioned how easy it would be to make italian cream soda with it.

ever since she said that, i've been craving italian cream soda in vanilla. 

when the weather finally got really warm i finally decided to look for some vanilla syrup for the mix...
but i didn't have any luck.  it's really easy to find the flavoring syrups here, but they seem only to have those fake fruity flavors {which i can't stand the taste of}.

....well easy enough to make! 

this weekend, i found a vanilla simple syrup recipe.  i used this recipe, but cut it in half because i didn't think i would need THAT much simple syrup (plus, thats a lot of sugar!)...

so a true italian cream, you add cream or half & half, but i've just been mixing {to taste} the vanilla syrup, ice, and the fizzy.
so i guess that really makes it a flavored drink...
either way,
give it a try, i think you'll enjoy!

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