Sunday, February 20, 2011


kidding.  traveled normandy, like always.
why are these phone booths in normandy? 

'i'm not kissing you, you smell like cigarettes!'

after years of waiting, i finally got to visit le mont st. michel.
during my summer 2005 visit to france, my friend and i missed our train due to oversleeping.

st. malo, to my surprise, was way better than le mont st. michel. 
technically in the brittany region, my first time in the area.

we also tried to visit the childhood home of dior, but it was closing right as we got there.
the view is wonderful, bathrooms clean!


  1. one can never get tired of seeing photos of the mont st michel. it is just stunning. i was there for the first time 15 years ago... would love to go back now. Bon dimanche! xx

  2. i LOVE mont st michel. i've never been to st. malo - i have to get there!

  3. brenna, st. malo is a must! go during the summer, it would be so much fun to take a dip in that sea!


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