Sunday, November 28, 2010

blog crawl

A Hasty Life

during the month january (january 10 - 14 & 17 - 21) i'm doin' a blog crawl!  doesn't that sound exciting?
it's in honor of ashlie's blog 'a hasty life' to celebrate 100 followers...
and to top it off she is gathering a group of 100 bloggers to participate.
"it's in the bag" is a series focusing on your purse.
below are the guidelines:

1.     post your “it’s in the bag” post on your assigned day during the month of january
2.     Include the “it’s in the bag” button at the beginning of your post
3.     include a photograph of your purse
4.     include a photograph (or several photographs) of the contents of your purse
5.     tell us a little bit about what your purse and its contents say about you
6.     link to the blog who posted the day before you and continue the crawl by linking to the blog that will follow you

pretty cool, huh?!  
well, the other really cool thing is, you can do it too!
if this is something you would like to participate in, please email ashley at ashley {dot} hasty {at} gmail {dot} com! 

so that means i should start designing myself a blog button... how fun!

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