Thursday, July 15, 2010

bump in the road

the past weeks have been busy after i said goodbye to my husband and as i finished my work in paris for my vacation and journey back to my home country.  yesterday morning i closed my apartment and headed to the airport in a horrible rainstorm.  funny, it didn't occur to me that this rainstorm would turn into hail and i would end up staying in the airport for nine hours before i left for dublin to catch my connecting flight to nyc.  although it was long, the time seemed to pass quickly.  everyone seemed to form friendships and stories and as we finally boarded our plane hours late we all knew each other as we sat down to begin our flight.

since i missed my flight, the airline has taken good care of me.  put in a nice hotel with meals and shuttle service. during all of this time apart from cyrille, i think this was the moment i missed him the most.  there was so much negativity and i knew if cyrille and i were together we would be a positive force against it.


  1. Isn't this just so ironic that you would travel on the one day the weather has been bad (what am I saying - awful) in Paris! Enjoy your holidays back home. I look forward to reading some future posts on NYC. Je reve d'y retourner un jour. Ciao ciao!

  2. those are some great pictures jacquie! so much emotion! delays and missed flights are the worst but they make finally reaching your destination that much sweeter...


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