Monday, April 5, 2010

normandy, day 1

this weekend, cyrille and i went to spend the weekend at the country home in normandy. the place to forget everything and spend time listening to the birds while enjoying the country side.

the first thing cyrille did, was unpack his remote control helicopter and take it for a spin in the garden

after a wonderful meal, we borrowed the car and drove to nowhere. just explored.

i was most amazed by the ancient churches in the small, small villages. one of highlights of the trip was taking little peaks inside when we could.

on the verge of a rainstorm, the normal weather

later that evening we started easter eggs, this year we hollowed them out. cyrille, of course, decided to make a game out of it: who can blow out the content the fastest. watch out, i have my strategies

a purchase made from the day of adventure. five euros well spent.

stay tuned the rest of the trip.


  1. I've never hallowed out eggs before. It sounds difficult! I bet you would make some beautiful silk-dyed eggs. I can't wait to see what you create!

  2. You and Cyrille seem to have much more success with Normandy than you and I did. . .

  3. Is that church the one in Honfleur? I lived in Deauville for 5 years from the age of 13 to 18. Great place for a weekend getaway from Paris!
    ps: thanks for your comment on my blog! I love the photos on yours.

  4. Franglaise, no it isn't in Honfleur (in fact I know where it is, but I completely forgot the name of the town) It is one of those super small cities... I'll have to ask my husband and get back to you.. haha...
    Also YES, it is a wonderful place to get away from the city (and you're so lucky to have lived in Deauville!)

  5. Jacquie your photos are lovely! Jordan is in Renne for the Music festival right now, so I am thinking of both of you near the beach...


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