Monday, February 22, 2010

you can't miss 'em!

the first words of advice my grandmother gave me when i began my first trip to italy during the summer of 2005 was "stay away from those italian men!"... being italian herself, you could only laugh... this weekend cyrille and I saw many examples of what we like to call "a real italian man" and we would like to share these pictures with you!

the number one requirement to be a real italian man, the wet hair look.
**this was 8 p.m, and he just walked right in with his sunglasses, see #2 requirement below

the number two requirement to be a real italian man, wear sunglasses. even if there is absolutely no need.

number 3 requirement to be a real italian man, wear a puffy jacket (younger generation) OR long long black dress coat with a popped collar (older generation). scarf is, at most times, a must.

example 4: italian men in conversation.

example 5: classy italian man, with less than classy wife. at least he looks good, right?

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  1. I love all the Italian men pictures. Great eye candy!


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