Friday, January 1, 2010

Traveling France, Visiting Family.

the tree, finally decorated. but it can get a bit boring in paris all the time...

Traveling France Part 1. Alsace.

Cold, but the vineyards were the most surprising. They were everywhere... every little spot they fit! I found a good picture on flickr.

Also, the storks...

Did you know Alsace is where munster cheese comes from? Yum!

Traveling France Part 2. Lyon.

After Alsace, We took a long train to Lyon.

The most clever name of the bike systems of France... Get it: Vélo+love=Vélo'v

Behind us, you can see the Notre Dame de Fouriere. We walked to this; after very steep and long hill.

My favorite part of the whole trip, seeing the old renaissance district. Just walking into someone's apartment door to find beautiful secret courtyards such as this.

Everyone is satisfied with view after such a long walk... but I think many people might have taken a car to see this view.

The View... Note the Crayon shaped building!

After a full day of walking, some drinks and nice music are in order.

The "Crayon" roof from the inside!

inside the crayon cafe

modern impression of the virgin mary.


  1. Jacquie - I love how you've done this. The photos are gorgeous.

  2. MODERN EXPRESSION OF THE VIRGIN MARY!!!! You are too funny.


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