Thursday, April 28, 2011

better late than never

{an unexpected twist}
first you'll want to check out this hilarious, but latest podcast of 'the moth'.  you won't be disappointed! click the link below the photo. 

....and as most of my readers know, i've been absent from the blog world for about 2 months.  something i wanted to share though was a project another blogger friend has been doing for the month of april.  i know this post is bit late, but i do hope my good intensions aren't overlooked! 

ashley, from the blog 'a hasty life' has been raising awareness for digestive diseases.  while she suffered from crones disease herself, when it comes to talking about symptoms of this among other things, it's not a subject people find easy to talk about.  she had a purple dress designed and has been wearing for a month straight, raising money, and having some awesome giveaways.

if you would like to donate to her cause, go here.

please go check out her blog and see this cool dress and all the neat whys she's been wearing it!  below is by far my favorite outfit, but you should look at all of them.  she has been getting really creative!

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  1. Thanks for the link! I have Crohn's too...first time I've come across a blog by someone my age.


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