Thursday, October 28, 2010

lovely fall afternoon

yesterday afternoon, i went to the new location of carette, which is located on place de vosges.
although, i will stand by my opinion of carette macarons being the best, i will say my heart will always love the other location better.
that being said, my new friend and i extended our afternoon in the park.  it was such a lovely day and i'm so happy i got to enjoy it.
my friends phone took a great panoramic shot of the park and before we left, i was sure to grab some photos of my own so i could make one myself.


  1. that's a lovely panoramic shot! Have to been to the maison Victor Hugo on place des Vosges? It's nice, you should check it out. xx

  2. Beautiful photograph... It sounds like a perfectly lovely fall afternoon indeed. So glad you enjoyed it.



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