Friday, August 27, 2010

summer thoughts.

although this isn't the clip isn't fully complete i hope you do get the idea...
i had mentioned this seinfeld episode to my friend in colorado and felt an itch to re-watch it when i returned back to west plans.  i realized while watching the beginning that i too proclaimed this summer for me.  there were so many people i wanted to see and things i wanted to do and i did it.  at the tail end, i see george bothered and distracted by that fly and yes, i too did get a bit distracted.

there are some things i have not done and people i did not see.  i've been so busy attending to meet ups and things that i skipped over goals and things i wanted to complete.  i hope i still have friends when i return to paris, i haven't written half of the emails that i needed to write.

being home (as in my mother's home) as been some of the best relaxation since i got back to the united states.  in colorado i had lots of time to take in the scenery and time, but being here is a whole different ball game.  while here, i only have a couple of commitments and not many friends left to see.  while here, i took my last month in a new perspective and realize i've had such a wonderful time and so many wonderful people i can call my friends and some pretty awesome family.

today, i finally uploaded pictures of my travels (more will come soon) and wrote some emails and letters.  today, i finalized plans for a trip to greece with a dear friend.  tomorrow, i help my mom around the house, mail letters, and take a small road trip down to arkansas.

i am not a writer, but this needed said.  there have been many distractions for me in the us, but this has been my summer and i have done what i wanted to do.  go do something for yourself and don't forget to count your blessings.
{very empowering i might add}

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  1. <3! I'm so glad your summer vacation is going so well & I'm glad to be one of the people you got to meet up with! I will come visit you soon!


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