Tuesday, August 10, 2010

road trippin' et beachin'

it hasn't been hectic during my long vacation home, but it has been hard to sit down and take time on the computer to write an email back home or make a phone call to chat with a friend....  so needless to say i've got a bit behind on updating the ol' blog.

in the past weeks, i've traveled from nyc, long island, virginia, and finally st. louis.  where the traveling isn't quite done yet, i have done so much and look forward to doing more.

before leaving nyc, i took the time to get myself a haircut right before hopping the train to long island.
i had a wonderful experience at a brooklyn salon called high horse.  when was the last time you gave your hair dresser a picture and she/he asked what you saw??  after that great experience, i'm thinking about making stop there every time i go home.  kristi rocks!

while on long island, i spent every weekend on the beach.  although one weekend we got completely rained out, another weekend we went clamming.  it was my first time and was kicking myself for not taking my camera... but maybe it was for the best because most of my family got in a mud fight.

my cousin and i took a road trip down to virginia to visit my grandmother 'nanny'.  it was a fun way to grow closer to each other, drink too much coffee/vitamin water, and eat junk food.  sad story: coconut m&m's do not contain coconut (but really, what should i expect besides lots of red 40?)

although i wish i could i stayed longer, i spent most of my time looking at old family pictures.  i brought home a lute of black and white copies and an old metal locker basket of my late grandfather (picture soon to come).



  2. Mmmm red 40! I love the new haircut and that you are getting to see your family. That black and white pic on the beach has such an old feel to it!

  3. have you tried the pretzel m & m's? i've seen them, and i'm curious. But i haven't made the plunge yet. very interesting comment.

  4. Do coconut M&Ms exist in Paris? Don't think I've ever seen them before. I love your new haircut! It really suits you. x


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