Monday, August 30, 2010

one good evening, columbia, mo

one reason i have a love for photography is the feeling it evokes when i see the images.  photos don’t have the caliber of a familiar smell, but sometimes a photograph the next best when it comes to remembering the moment.  the moment becomes a domino effect of thoughts and builds on to other memories.  the series above is of a good friend and me.  this moment was just a normal moment between us, but for some reason when I look at these photos joy pours out of me.  all the memories between us start to become clear and although some might be good and some bad, it is a true friendship.   this person is adam and i credit him for meeting my husband as he credits my husband for meeting his wife.  
(and if you can make sense of that, i believe we are speaking of this fact that very moment)

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  1. Are you still in Columbia? Or coming back? I'd love to see you! If not, I still enjoy catching up blog-style.


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