Wednesday, May 19, 2010


small vacation in switzerland with a stop in lyon on the way home.  the mountains were gorgeous and i managed to stare and think about the view rather than take pictures.   either way, enjoy what i have taken.

it was really cloudy, so most of the time these mountains stayed hidden by fog

it still looks like a post card to me!

you know when you see pictures of switzerland and see all the yellow flowers?  well it's a true depiction!

more vacation pictures to come

ps: julie andrews lives a chateau named 'twinkle' & roman polanski is on house arrest here.


  1. Thank you Jacquie for sharing the photos. It truly is beautiful. Let's see some more!!

  2. what a wonderful vacation! i visited switzerland three years ago & i distinctly remember the air. it was so clean, so refreshing & exactly the way air should feel as you breathe it in. an amazing day trip while i was in europe :)

    also, i would love to see the article you were writing about... the five things to spruce up your home? i hope you can find it... i'd love to read it.


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