Sunday, May 2, 2010

small garden 2

such a wonderful feeling, planting a garden.  i'm not lying when i say i sit and watch my plants like they are going to grow right there in front of me, but i find it very relaxing.  

peas are doing wonderful, lettuce also sprouting this week.

thyme continues to grow, it actually has an aroma now.

i seem to have a new tomato coming up everyday.  i must move each tomato to its own pot because it is getting too crowded! (don't they kinda look like little palm trees?)

hello purple basil!  how are you?!

as far as compost, i've been using an old pot filled with soil.  i know right now i can't commit to a worm bin as i will be unable to care for them when i'm not in paris.  

i have been using this first garden as a learning experience.  i have done some reading and using my childhood memories, but the experience is what will help me learn. 

how is your garden growing?  
how is your life growing?


  1. these photos are beautiful!
    our garden is doing really well. it is really enjoying all of the rain, too.
    we plan to put our tomato plants out this week! i couldn't be more excited :)

  2. Your garden is really taking off! How exciting!

  3. Oh, I would watch for the growth too... all of your little plants are so gorgeous! I want to paint your thyme!

  4. Love it! My herbs are all looking good so far too. I really want a full garden now!


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