Tuesday, April 20, 2010

small garden.

a couple weeks ago i started my window box garden.  i started small with thyme, cherry tomatoes, and peas.  i'm telling you the truth when i say i wasn't confident and a little nervous.  i didn't want to fail.  

(i planted a bit too much, just incase.  i have had to do a lot of pruning when it comes to thyme!)  

exactly one week later thyme started poking up out of the soil and this sunday my peas poked up too.  although my tomatoes aren't doing too well, i'm so happy about the peas!

i will continue with lettuce, basil, and oregano.

on another note, because i live in an extremely small apartment, i'm very limited when it comes to a compost "pile".  any ideas?


  1. I love your tiny garden. I just bought some potting soil. I need to buy some seeds now.

    As far as a compost pile...I'm not sure. My mom has a pot she puts everything in in the kitchen. I think a barrel outside might do.

  2. How exciting! I'm impressed with your success! I didn't want to fail either, so I chose easy stuff! haha Can't wait to see your progress!

  3. if you really want to experiment, you could use worms... it's called vermiculture. you can do it in a small space! read here: http://www.cityfarmer.org/wormcomp61.html

    also, have faith in your little tomatoes! it takes them a little bit longer to germinate. keep them in a warm, moist space... once they're strong, put them in direct sunlight for several hours & then bring them inside at night if it is a bit cold. eventually you will be able to leave them outside all day. the same for basil.

    happy gardening!

  4. thank natalie! i have actually thought about worms (we used to have one at clovers), but i'm leaving for a couple months and felt i might not be a good idea to leave them.... i'll have to do more research.

    AND one tomato popped up yesterday evening! (I've been keeping them inside, it's just too cold here for tomatoes right now).

    also thanks for the web site! "city farmer" sounds great to me...

  5. How fun! We just planted some herbs and stuff and they are looking good so far. I've never really done any gardening so it will be a learning experience.

    Is that outside your window on the rooftop? Looks cool!


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