Friday, February 26, 2010

to all my topshop friends, i love you.

this morning is that morning. the one that you want to enjoy in bed because of the nice rainstorm outside.... so when cyrille called me and told me i needed to pick up a package from the gardian, i thought, oh it can wait.... but i dragged myself outside and walked the 20 feet or so to get it.
it was completely worth it. i want to say i almost cried. you guys have no idea how touched i was (and mac, why didn't you just keep the sweater?!)
the special delivery came when i was feeling kind of lonely, i miss all of you!
when i return to nyc during the summer, we are all going to coopers, oh and don't forget saki slushes too!

love, jacquie.

i'm alll for christmas in february!

the portia


  1. what a sweet surprise! i can't wait to see you when you make a trip to columbia. we MUST hang out. i feel like we bonded so much via blogs & internet land. lots of love to you!

  2. yes, we definitely will hang out! I'm not sure what my exact plans are, but you will know once I figure them out!


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